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steel retro-fit

For homeowners that have existing aluminum or steel frame windows and doors, a flush-fin installation method is required.  Utilizing a flush-fin design, retro-fit windows and doors effectively burry your existing aluminum/steel frames.  The extruded (vinyl or aluminum frames) and pultruded (fiberglass frames) design of flush-fin retro-fit windows and doors provides a self-trimming moulding for the exterior of the window or door.  In addition to providing a self-trimming moulding, the flush-fin also provides a surface area to properly seal the new window or door to the old window or door frame.



For homeowners that have existing wood windows, the installation method that is most commonly used is called a block-fit application.  Unlike a flush-fin (retro-fit) or a nail-fin (new construction) design, a block-fit window does not have any fin at all.  Instead, the block-fit window or door is installed into and inside of the existing wood jamb.  In most cases, the new block-fit window or door makes use of the existing stucco/brick mould to provide the exterior trim detail.  However, if there is sever water damage, dry-rot, and/or termite damage to the existing wood frame or moulding, these components may require a more comprehensive installation.Vestibulum scelerisque.

retro-fit wood



entry door
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