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JWG offered a great price and provided excellent service. I had numerous bids done on my property before I decided to move forward with JWG. They offered a competitive price and excellent customer service. I decided to go with the company due to the positive yelp reviews as well. Wayne came out with an associate and did the install on my property, they were very professional and clean. I would recommend this company to family and friends.

They even remembered to get me a few security locks when requested. Great company!! I was just amazed by a simple installation, the speed, the quality, the beauty of the final product I just got two windows installed, but the remaining of the house will soon follow. Bravo Jason

I'll put the bottom line at the top: Great Price, Good work, ridiculously fast turnaround on jobs, and really nice people to work with. They stand by their word and their work. JWG was the last quote I got after having several big names come through and a couple smaller ones. I had recommendations from neighbors and the closest piecewise was 7% more, and just watching that guy measure my windows I could tell he didn't know how to use a tape

measure. I have a 1400 sq ft home with 9 windows and a sliding glass door. 1 window is 8 feet long, most the others are around 4x5. There's a lot of glass in here.

Windows first. I got Monte Verde, which is also offered by Brothers. They beat Brothers by more than $1000, probably closer to $1500. The windows themselves have significantly decreased noise and draft, and they've really regulated temperature and the light. They look great. I couldn't believe how much of a difference they made. Even better, they're slightly tinted. It's so hard to see in from outside that I'm holding off on window coverings.

Now the company. Jason is awesome. Let's face it, I hate people. I do things through email. Most companies I email call me. I emailed Jason with measurements from another company on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. He emailed me back same day. Once to say he was out of the office and again with the price. When I emailed, he email. When I called, he called.

He came in and knew his stuff. I knew because I'd already had 6 contractors of varying competence in, and I'd done my research. He did his own measurements and made calls to the manufacturer right then and there on some iffy spots, like my 8 foot window I wanted as a single slider. One of the other companies took 3 weeks to quote me on that window alone. After my quote, before signing anything, he realized he missed something that would cost

extra. He said it was a $100 mistake, but I bet that was just cost. It was probably $100 mistake on profit too, but he went ahead and kept the same price.

Most companies told me that it'd be a month from the time I confirmed my order until the installation was complete. Two days after my initial email I had a quote. Two weeks after my initial email, I had new windows in stalled. The installers showed up and were very personable. They weren't intrusive, they let me go about my business, and they didn't let the cat out. Nine holes in my house and the cat didn't get out. Jason showed up to help too, just to make sure it was a one day job. Some neighbors showed up to see what was going on and he was extremely polite to them too. It also turns out that whoever he called about my big window was wrong and they couldn't do it.... so he found someone that could. I hear it's a better and more expensive window. Price didn't change. Gotta love that.

There's not a lot more for me to say. I waited 2 weeks to write this review to make sure I didn't miss something, and everything is still good. I'd post pictures, but my place is a mess. They worked around that too.